Project Details

We shot and edited the full length and promo of Mckane's silent basement party held in the basement of Marua Mall. The party was a collaboratiom between Mckane and 99FM, The promo is meant to hype the party, and sell the idea of audiencelistening to music through headphones and being able to select the type of music they want to listen to. Also showing the audience enjoying the different mixers that mckane has to offer.

McKANE MIXERS NBL produces its own range of soft drinks and mixers under the McKane label. The McKane range of Premium Mixers consists of the following flavours available in 330ml Slender cans: Tonic Water, Soda Water, Lemonade Tonic: Tonic Water contains quinne and is a refreshing mixer for gin and vodka. This is where the fun starts!

  • Client Namibian Breweries
  • Created by Manjaro Design Agency
  • Completed on November 2016
  • Skills Video Production
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