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Explainer Video for the Investor Network of Namibia, the video gives a simple and clear explanation of the different types of investors that The Invest Network of Namibia is looking for, giving clear application steps for prospective investors to follow.

The Investor Network of Namibia (INN) is the first and most active investor association group and platform in Namibia. INN is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors locally and internationally. Noticing the unrealized talents in Namibia, often due to lack of capital or lack of industry connections, it is more crucial than ever to introduce angel investors and venture capitalists in the Namibian business community as this would spring about a generation of entrepreneurs who would not only create jobs locally but would in turn greatly contribute to the country economic independence as well as social well-being.

  • Client Investor Network of Namibia
  • Created by Manjaro Design Agency
  • Completed on July 2016
  • Skills Motion Design
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